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  Hosted Servers  

Colder Cloud Services have a range of hosted server options to suit any application or budget.  

We have three types of hosted server available, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), Hybrid Servers, and Dedicated Servers.

All of our hosted server systems are complete with private IP, unlimited bandwidth, and pre-installed Linux or Windows operating system of your choice from our selection. 

Virtual Private Servers

As the name suggestes, a Virtual Private Server is a virtual system which runs alongside other systems on the same physical machine.  Each VPS has its own independent operating system, and to the end user looks and runs exactly the same as a standard server.  The only difference is that memory (RAM), processing power and hard disk performace is allocated between more than one VPS system.

VPS bridges the gap between 'shared web hosting' and a dedicated server, and is ideal for advanced websites, remote applications or developer use.  They provide the security and flexibility of a private server without the cost of running a dedicated machine.

Our VPS systems use the latest Dell and Intel hardware to ensure maximum performace and uptime, and we ensure that our systems are not oversold so you are guaranteed to receive the performance you are paying for!

The biggest benefit of a VPS system is the ability to scale the performace of your server over time.  Processing power, memory and storage can be added or removed to suit your needs.

Hybrid Servers

Hybrid servers are similar to VPS systems, with the additional benefit of a dedicated hard disk and guarenteed RAM.  For websites or applications that require additional performace in these areas, our Hybrid servers are a great value alternative to a full dedicated server.

Dedicated Servers

Our range of dedicated servers are high performance Dell systems, with a choice of Dual or Quad core processors and RAID1 disk mirroring as standard.  

In the unlikely event of a hardware failiure, the 24/7 onsite support team will quickly repair your dedicated server get it back online with minimal fuss.

Setup & Pricing

Our hosted server solutions are fully customisable to suit you, so instead of listing pages of options with fixed price add-ons, simply contact us with your requirements.  This enables us to build a hosted server package with no unnecessary costs bolted on.

Our VPS System start at £11 +VAT per month, Hybrid systems from £59 +VAT per month and Dedicated servers from £79 +VAT per month.

For further information, or to setup any of our packages, please contact us.